Surrey Style

Longwool Sheepsking Bean Bag


This gorgeous bean bag is made of premium 'A' Grade Australian sheepskins, chosen for their dense, soft and supportive nature. They are then crafted here in the UK into this large beanbag.

The beanbag includes the net of beans, which are small polystyrene balls. If this 8-panel sheepskin beanbag seems a little minimal for you, then we can get any size made for you - please just ask us and we will give you a quote! Our beanbag is made with machine-washable sheepskins, but it will need to be washed on a  30-degree wool wash, using approved wool detergent and very, very carefully dried (or it will shrink).

100% real sheepskin outer; net with polystyrene balls inner. In stock for immediate dispatch with Next Day Courier.

Size: 8 panels (8 whole sheepskins)

Height 90 cm x Diameter of the leather base 95 cm x Circumference 230 cm - too big to give it a hug!

The size is approximate, as it depends on how you plump or spread the bean bag, and whether you leave all the beans in for a more structured 'chair' feel to it, or you may prefer to take some beans out and have a more 'slouched' structure to it, in which case it will be wider but not as high.